Hey Fantagians,

Back in the “Good ol’ days”, there were Fantage blogs run by people who everyone knew. Inevitably those people left, their blogs died out and were replaced by more substandard blogs. An interesting fact about them is that they were run almost exclusively by guys, guys running a Fantage blog is pretty rare these days, but back them, the tables were turned. Additionally, it’s not popular these days, but many blogs didn’t use .wordpress.com, but instead of buying a domain, they would use a free one. These free domains included .tk and .co.nr
Today I’ll showcase a few of the best blogs so you can see what the vintage online Fantage community was really like.

wind-and-slippy-signatureThe biggest blog about Fantage used to be “Wind And Slippy’s Fantage Cheats” at http://www.fantage.org by Wind & Slippy. However Wind and Slippy were paying for that domain, and no longer are. However their blog was actually a WordPress blog, so luckily everything they had can still be accessed. You might notice that they tried to keep their blog running after they quit by hiring authors to write for them. Sadly it just wasn’t the same, and now nobody posts there anymore.
https://fantasticage.wordpress.com/ <What a great free name!

Fantage BetasNext, Fantage Betas, run by the famous boogieramon, was a blog which ran from December 2008, until April 2010 (Just after the Celebrity event). This blog is a great resource for finding out about some of the old Fantage events, such as the Celebrity event. They were the first blog to have a “Featured Fantagian” section. Fantage Betas also ran a popular Youtube Channel, but we’ll save that for another post. Fantage used to have a paid domain, but sadly, that now redirects to a prawnography site, so I’ll omit that link. Here’s their direct wordpress page https://fantagebetas.wordpress.com/

FeverWe’ll finish this post with Fantage Fever. Fantage Fever was a lesser known Fantage blog run by Fever. His blog only ran during 2008, but featured many posts, including the 2008 Halloween event(Where the beloved tops originate). His funny pictures page is one of the oldest ever, and features a picture of a Fantage builder whom has not been seen since. His main domain was http://www.fantagefever.co.nr, but I’m not sure how legitimate those “free” domains really are. https://fantagefever.wordpress.com/

There will be more of these posts coming, so stay tuned.