It’s that time of the week again! Todays throwback is the Youtube Channel of Boogieramon, one of the most famous early Fantagians  (He was a Beta). Fantage Betas also had a blog which is here. His first video was posted in September 2008, so everyone can see what Fantage looked like back then (Including the 2008  Halloween Party). Most of his videos were random and didn’t really stick to one theme. However he did make some really good music videos, and some series.

A few videos you might be interested in are:
Fantage Halloween 2008
Fantage Fourth of July 2009 Party I’m not sure we’ll ever see this many people at the Carnival ever again ;(
Fantage Dance Fever Party

My favourite video of his is his Rocketeer Music Video. It’s not the best music video ever, but at the time I loved the song, and it’s stuck with me ever since.

*disclaimer: Do not click the links to the Fantage Betas website, it no longer links to their site, you’ll find prawnography instead.