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Featured Fantagian: DMJ (Jalil)

This weeks Featured Fantagian is DMJ!DMJ Avatar DMJ is a Fantage Instagrammer who does Fantage Art. He has won a number of Fantage Art contests, and most recently he was a winner in the User Inspired Items Robot contest. This means he had his items made on Fantage. Congratulations DMJ!

DMJ Robots
DMJ’s Original Drawing
DMJ Fantage Robots
Fantage’s Creation of DMJ’s Items

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Congratz to Mmajid!

I remember when I was featured a few years ago, sighs, such an awesome feeling to be noticed. MMAJID

Fantage Throwbacks: Fantage Betas Youtube

It’s that time of the week again! Todays throwback is the Youtube Channel of Boogieramon, one of the most famous early Fantagians  (He was a Beta). Fantage Betas also had a blog which is here. His first video was posted in September 2008, so everyone can see what Fantage looked like back then (Including the 2008  Halloween Party). Most of his videos were random and didn’t really stick to one theme. However he did make some really good music videos, and some series. Continue reading “Fantage Throwbacks: Fantage Betas Youtube”

Gianna4125 Non-Member

OMG IT HAS FINALLY HAPPENED. Gianna4125 on Friday February 26th at 12am was a non-member. I hear this is the first time in 5 years she’s become a non. Here’s her idFone. Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 4.33.10 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 4.37.12 PM
Look there are items she can’t wear!!!



-Agnt007 :3

Featured Fantagian: Jinx-ix

This weeks Featured Fantagian is Jinx-ix!Jinx-ix Jinx-ix is an accomplished Deviant Artist who does Fantage Pixel Art. She also does many other styles of art such as digital drawings.We really liked the detail in her artwork. These eyes she’s drawn are amazing!
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Featured Fantagian: Pinkerellie

Hey Fantagians,
Our 2nd Featured Fantagian is Pinkerellie! Congratulations!Pinkerellie
Pinkerellie is a successful Fantage Youtuber who’s been making videos since 2011. She has almost 9000 subscribers, which is even more than the Fantage Youtube channel has! Pinkerellie’s animated videos include “Fantage Music Videos”, editing tutorials (including for make up), funny skits, and lots more.

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My Story: Gianna4125

1.)  How did I start this long journey with Fantage? In June of 2010, I was 9 at the time, I was introduced to the game by a friend on my swim team.  While the game was just something to do for my friend, I grew to enjoy playing.  However, it took months of begging for ecoins and membership before I actually became a member. I missed so many limited items because my parents wouldn’t let me spend money on an online game.  Then they finally realized this was a thing, and since I rarely had time to be with friends due my swimming schedule, they gave in. (insert evil laugh)

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