This weeks Featured Fantagian is DMJ!DMJ Avatar DMJ is a Fantage Instagrammer who does Fantage Art. He has won a number of Fantage Art contests, and most recently he was a winner in the User Inspired Items Robot contest. This means he had his items made on Fantage. Congratulations DMJ!

DMJ Robots
DMJ’s Original Drawing
DMJ Fantage Robots
Fantage’s Creation of DMJ’s Items

We asked him 10 questions to find out more!

When did you join Fantage?
Answer: I originally joined Fantage on June 1, 2009, then I rejoined October 27, 2015.

What are your favourite Fantage memories?
Answer: My favorite memories hmm…. I’ve had a lot but I think I most enjoyed attending the summer camp events.

When did you start making Fantage art?
Answer: I started making Fantage art on August 16, 2014 then took a break (because I was not good). Then I decided to try again on January 13, 2015 and have continued to draw them.

Why did you start making Fantage art?
Answer: I’ve always enjoyed how Fantage made their website characters. They inspired me to try digital art. I thought they were adorable and had such a cute style.

What do you use to make your art?
Answer: I use a wide range of programs as in Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop, Gimp2.0, and FireAlpaca. I used to draw them with my computer mouse but now I use my Huion Tablet.

What’s a little known fact about yourself?
Answer: Well one little known fact about me that anyone barely knows about is that I have a passion for singing. Growing up I’ve been in church, school and camp choirs.

Do you do anything else Fantage related besides art?
Answer: No I don’t really do anything else besides Fantage art, I just have a Fantage Instagram lol.

How has Fantage changed since you joined? Is it better or worse now?
Answer: I can definitely say that the people who play Fantage has changed. It’s rare to find good people on the game. I am definitely happy with the friends I have now 🙂 I would say Fantage has gotten worse, but I think it’s never too late to turn that around.

What event do you want Fantage to bring back?
Answer: I would love for Fantage to bring back the old summer camp events, and the 2009 Wizard party. Also they had this space event that was fun.

Do you have any shout outs?
Answer: Just shoutout to my friends and everyone who has given me a good time on Fantage.

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