As you may or may not have realised, my name relates to James Bond, Secret Agent 007. So today I thought I’d do a few styles for guys with the theme of being a Fantage spy.

Take note, I’ve used the same board in each outfit for a special reason. The board, called Super Sleek Board on Fantage, is pretty much an exact replica of an Aston Martin DB5, the classic James Bond car.

The first outfit is a classic James Bond one, although it may not be the most stylish on Fantage, it’s very close to how Daniel Craig looks in the films.
Fantage Authentic BondJames_Bond_DB5

Next up a more fashionable and popular approach to things. The water pistol adds a fun but relevant twist to things, and I personally feel the white suit looks better than the black.
Fantage James Bond PistolFantage Brond Blond Bond

Here are a couple of costumes that fit the brief, created by Fantage as costumes, so don’t require any work to put on the look (Apart from acquiring the items of course).
Dance Costume BondJames Bond Costume

That’s all for now. I’m sorry, as this is my first fashion post I realise it’s not brilliant, maybe ertyuiop can improve it.