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January 2016

Gianna4125’s Inventory

Welcome, into a rare peek of my inventory.  This video is really long so I put the times for each item section in therefore you can skip to whatever section you want or stop it and continue later. I hope you enjoy watching it and apologies for the length. 🙂

I suggest to watch in parts or might be a snooze fest!


Fantage Throwback: Vintage Blogs

Hey Fantagians,

Back in the “Good ol’ days”, there were Fantage blogs run by people who everyone knew. Inevitably those people left, their blogs died out and were replaced by more substandard blogs. An interesting fact about them is that they were run almost exclusively by guys, guys running a Fantage blog is pretty rare these days, but back them, the tables were turned. Additionally, it’s not popular these days, but many blogs didn’t use, but instead of buying a domain, they would use a free one. These free domains included .tk and
Today I’ll showcase a few of the best blogs so you can see what the vintage online Fantage community was really like. Continue reading “Fantage Throwback: Vintage Blogs”

Fantage Game Guide: Bobo Fish


Bobo Fish is an arcade game. Here are some tips for playing and getting good at it from the master himself. You probably didn’t know this, but I hold 1st place in the all time rankings for this game. …and 3rd place, and 5th place. It’s only natural for me to be the one to make a guide on it. ★ Continue reading “Fantage Game Guide: Bobo Fish”

James Bond Fashion

As you may or may not have realised, my name relates to James Bond, Secret Agent 007. So today I thought I’d do a few styles for guys with the theme of being a Fantage spy.

Take note, I’ve used the same board in each outfit for a special reason. The board, called Super Sleek Board on Fantage, is pretty much an exact replica of an Aston Martin DB5, the classic James Bond car. Continue reading “James Bond Fashion”

New Rare Items + Mobile Game

Fantage just released a set of new rare items, as well as debuting their new mobile game. They’ve released several new apps in the past few months so be sure to check them out!

new rares 1-28-16 Continue reading “New Rare Items + Mobile Game”

Featured Fantagian: Rainbowplum Cerkana

Hey Fantagians,

We’ve started this new section called Featured Fantagian where we select an outstanding member of the Fantage online community and showcase their work and find out a little more about them. Many of you will not remember but Fantage actually used to have in depth information about their featured users, but as they don’t now, we thought we’d revive it.

So to begin this section, I’d like to congratulate Rainbowplum Cerkana! Rainbowplum Cerkana
Rainbowplum Cerkana is a popular Fantage Youtuber and artist who makes animated videos, series, skits and edits. Continue reading “Featured Fantagian: Rainbowplum Cerkana”

How To Level!

Everyone asks me the same question, so I’m gonna answer it finally! How did I level so fast slowly?

1.) Stop socializing

2.) Just pick a medal and do it to completion

3.) enlist your buddies to join you so you are not so bored.

4.) spend lots of money.

I will start this series one medal at a time.
Continue reading “How To Level!”

this is Fantagian

Bingo Grid

Bingo grid for week of 1/25/16





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