Mouse Out Gif

Mouse Out is a game, found at the Castle, where you need to trap a mouse by building walls to block it’s movement. Mouse Out is sometimes featured in Bingo Rush, and events such as the Chez Fantage Reopening. There was once a special redone version of Mouse Out featuring a Leprechaun for St Patrick’s Day.

Mouse Out is fairly easy once you know a strategy to play it. I’m going to show you on Hard mode, to prove that it’s very possible on hard, but it works for any difficulty.

First off, you should know that sometimes there are Mouse Out grids that aren’t worth trying on.

Start by putting walls in the middle of any open gaps.

Once the mouse starts moving in one direction(R.I.P 1D), you can start filling the area it’s moving towards. However make sure there is at least one gap, because if you block off that direction completely, the mouse will start moving elsewhere.

Wait until the mouse is about to go through a gap in your wall, and then block that gap. This will give you time to build other part of wall to trap the mouse completely.

Beating a hard level typically gives you a score of 390+. Medium 240+. Easy 160+.

***Side note in regards to leveling this event the Mouse chaser game is the quicker method and it’s not quality that matters but quantity so keep playing and you will get levels even if you don’t win the game. Buying mouse traps also helps.