Wow this opened early! Here are some pics. I put the prices on the pics so you can see the cost. Also, the new game uses the arrow keys, it’s kind of like mouse out but you remove walls instead of making them, I think. Agnt007 was totally correct in his guess that mice would have something to do with this event. This also has a different medal so I’m not sure how the original medal will be leveled at this time.

Once inside Chez Fantage in the upper left corner there is a mouse symbol that will tell you how many mice you have caught so far and the option to catch a mouse every 10 min. by purchasing a mouse trap for 200 gold. I’m not sure how many mice are needed to level this medal at the moment but as soon as I get on Fantage I’ll let you know. Seems like a cool event to me, tell us what you think in the comments below.  Looks like I need to buy some gold. 😦
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