It’s been a little over a week since our blog started and even though we need a couple authors Agnt007 and I have kind of found our niche in this blog.  I tend to post more personal things and Agnt007 is very straightforward.

The title of this post is beauty because I was having a conversation with Agnt007 last night about how a Fantagian contacted me on KIK to tell me another Fantagian had saved my Instagram profile picture and was spreading it around saying I was ugly and looked like a boy.  It didn’t really bother me, but I got to thinking, I should really address this, because from what I can tell, other Fantagians go through this quite often.

First, let me start off by saying not everyone can rank 11 on a scale from 1-10. Secondly, half the Fantagians don’t even post real pictures of themselves up.  The truth is we are NOT all model material. The other truth is that we are so much more, we are artists, scholars, bloggers, secretly really great singers, and awkward individuals who found a place to fit in on a virtual game.  Don’t even try and tell me none of you aren’t awkward, insecure, self conscious, shy, or damaged in some way.  If you look like a Victoria’s Secret model in your underwear on a daily basis. What the hell are you doing on Fantage?

I posted an awkward propic selfie on my Instagram taken in front of a super smudgy dirty fingerprinted mirror with bad lighting because I didn’t care that it wasn’t the perfect picture. I am not perfect and neither are the people going around with that picture saying I’m ugly or look like a dude. Pretty sure the person who talked about me ain’t all that either.

In other words, I’m not insulted and if it makes these people feel better to talk about my looks or your looks, all you have to realize is that if they are talking about you it means they are thinking about you, if they are thinking about you they must feel threatened by you, if they are threatened by you then you obviously have something they do not. Don’t let people bring you down on Fantage or in real life. Haters just want to keep you at their level in life so they don’t get lonely as they watch everyone leave them behind.

Leave them behind, their comments, their thoughts, their friendship and once your rid of them you will realize you didn’t need them. They just needed you to stay relevant.

That’s my story for today. BTW even outwardly beautiful people can be not so pretty inside!