Hey Fantagians,

Today, the Puppy Sitting event was released. The main objective of the event is to level up the Puppy Sitting Medal by using “energy” to make the puppy healthy. First off you will need to choose which puppy you want to take care of. There are three options, and once you pick one, you can’t change it.
Choose Your Puppy
Read on for the most effective way to level the medal + more information on the event.

You can increase your pets health by using energy to perform one of 6 actions. Each action gives you 3 points to various attributes of your pets health.
Feeding your pet gives your pet +1 Happiness +2 Wellness
Exercising your pet gives your pet +3 Wellness
Sleeping (Resting) your pet gives your pet +2 Happiness +1 Trust
Cuddling your pet gives your pet +2 Trust +1 Happiness
Playing with your pet gives your pet +2 Happiness +1 Wellness
Bathing your pet gives your pet +3 Cleanliness

The quickest way to level without wasting points (and therefore energy):
Levels 1-5: Cuddling x5, Feeding x5, Bathing x4 (14 Energy)
Levels 6-10: Exercising x5, Bathing x5, Cuddling x5, Sleeping x5 (20 Energy)
Levels 11-15?: Cuddling x10, Feeding x10, Bathing x7 (27 Energy)

Puppy Sitting
Once you fill up all the bars of your Puppy’s Health, you will get a level for your medal.

Limited Cart
In the Limited Cart you can buy a Puppy Board (10000 Gold), as well as Puppy Ears (2000 Gold, 4000 Stars).
Limited Cart