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How To Level!

Everyone asks me the same question, so I’m gonna answer it finally! How did I level so fast slowly?

1.) Stop socializing

2.) Just pick a medal and do it to completion

3.) enlist your buddies to join you so you are not so bored.

4.) spend lots of money.

I will start this series one medal at a time.
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Fantage Throwback: The Original Comet

When Fantage first began the comet in April 2008 it was a monthly paper, rather than weekly as it is now. Similarly to the Fantage Blog, the Comet was presented as written by “Himani” to begin with, but changed to “M” at a similar time to the blog.

Each issue of the Comet had cool things that many people have forgotten about. In the Comet you can get Official Fantage themed Wallpaper, Note taking sheets, Cards, Colouring Sheets etc. I think the artistic community of Fantage will really love this stuff.

After a bit of digging around, I found 9 Archived issues of the Monthly Comet from 2008.Comet Header Continue reading “Fantage Throwback: The Original Comet”

Fantage Throwback: IDFones

Some of you may not realise Fantage has had 3 different types of IDFone through time.

The first was the ID Card. It featured your username and avatar on the front, as well as your stars, level and whether you’re a premium member. On the back it featured your medals.

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What I Miss About Fantage……

Gosh, I really miss Fantage 2010/2011.  I was such a newb!  I used to walk around just trying to make friends, any friends. I played adoption center, Val tryouts (anyone remember those?)  school and various other role playing activities. Eventually, I made friends and we would hang out together downtown or at the Fashion Show place. I recall seeing other members walking by with items that I could never have and although I secretly wished I could. There was certain level of respect and awe.

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Fantage Throwback: M’s Comics

Back in the early days of the Fantage Blog, M would post fun little comics. I really liked the style of these. Here’s the collection of all of them up until March 2009.

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Fantage Throwback: Youtube – Fantage Freaks

This week the Fantage Freaks Youtube Channel, run primarily by Dina. These videos were made in early 2008. A simpler time on Fantage no doubt.

More videos after the jump↓

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Fantage Throwback: Comet & Co. Opening

Here, where we’re always reminiscing about “the good ol’ days”, every day is [Throw  back] Thursday.

So for our first throwback. I’d like to take you back to November 2009, and the opening of Comet & Co.

Bottom Left: Sameer1000 (Former Blogger)

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