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Long time Fantage player I guess.

Styling: July PM Gift!

For this post we’ll be looking at some cute styling options for the Premium gift of July!july pm gift Continue reading “Styling: July PM Gift!”

Fourth Of July 2017

Fantage is ready for Independence Day!


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Fantage Game Guide: Bobo Fish


Bobo Fish is an arcade game. Here are some tips for playing and getting good at it from the master himself. You probably didn’t know this, but I hold 1st place in the all time rankings for this game. …and 3rd place, and 5th place. It’s only natural for me to be the one to make a guide on it. ★ Continue reading “Fantage Game Guide: Bobo Fish”

New Rare Items + Mobile Game

Fantage just released a set of new rare items, as well as debuting their new mobile game. They’ve released several new apps in the past few months so be sure to check them out!

new rares 1-28-16 Continue reading “New Rare Items + Mobile Game”

Chez Fantage Reopening: Limited Items

Heyo everyone! I’m ertyuiop, and starting today I’ll be a Fashion editor here on I’ve always enjoyed Fantage Blogs and appreciated their work, so it’s great getting to be a part of one with my friends. Fashion is something I admire, and while my personal style on Fantage is very Indie, I hope to share some good outfits that everyone might like!

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