Heyo everyone! I’m ertyuiop, and starting today I’ll be a Fashion editor here on Fantagian.com. I’ve always enjoyed Fantage Blogs and appreciated their work, so it’s great getting to be a part of one with my friends. Fashion is something I admire, and while my personal style on Fantage is very Indie, I hope to share some good outfits that everyone might like!

I feel that fashion is way overlooked on Fantage; surprisingly so for a site with so many choices and items to offer. Nowadays users often choose the value of the items they wear over what actually looks good. But really it’s possible to work with anything that Fantage throws at you, so it shouldn’t matter if your items are limited or shop items, find your style and work it!

Let’s take a look at the new limited items (boys) for this event now…

chez limiteds

Three sets! But it’s really nothing to be worn casually, just by the theme of the event. Here are some outfit ideas I did using these items. First for guys:



And for girls with the help of Gia (Outfits by me)



All really cute! Also, even if they don’t work with casual outfits, the cheese and mouse items would work great for the food and animal themes in Fashion Show.