Hey Fantagians,

Gia here, I know I’ve been absent of late and I apologize. School and Tennis have been keeping me pretty busy. FYI, being a Junior is not fun. I logged in today and was like WOAH….. an event?  Was this advertised?  Then I got to looking around and realized, I could not make sense of anything.

So I’ll just post what Fantage has:

Basically the cart and event info can be found Uptown and Downtown. The instructions take you to the forest, though I am not sure why.

Usually, if you are sent to the forest it means items appear there every so often and you must stand around to collect them. This does not seem to be the case with this event. However, when you click to the forest you are met by a huge orange cat stuck in a tree.


Clicking on the Cat will give you directions. The goal of this event is to collect 20 fish to feed the Cat. The fish can be found anywhere in Fantage.  The number of fish you have caught appears on the yellow fish, if you purchased the LIMITED set you are allowed 5 fish per day, if not you can only catch 3 fish per day which means you must catch fish everyday of the event. UNLESS, you buy the fish for 3,000 GOLD. You could always just purchase the 20 fish for a total of 60,000 GOLD and be done with the whole event.

What I don’t understand is why put out fish in every storefront if you are only allowed to catch 3-5 fish per day. I also cannot figure out what the CAT in the tree does. This is the message you will get after you’ve caught your limit.

cant buy fish

Once you’ve gotten 20 fish, you will receive this medal and “Kitty Toy” accessory

Kitty Rescue 2017 Prize.png

Onto the items:

Can we please pull the hair down, omg!

limited cartKitty Rescue Boys Limiteds