Here comes a long post so take a seat and relax.  There is always that one person, who made Fantage so special for you, the reason why you stayed so long or love being on the game etc…. For me that person was always my BFF, Cheesepizza25 (Epicfromage on Youtube). Cheese, as I call him, left sometime in 2013 and Fantage was never the same.  I used to love to Twin with him so we would have matching outfits in HOF.  He always decorated my house and made it look spectacular.  There is such a huge list of all the things he did for me and when he left, he took a part of me with him. Luckily, some bloggers managed to get into my photo album so a lot of my memories were saved. Thank you random bloggers. If people were jealous of what Cheese and I had, all I can say is that they should have been, because he was awesome.

Why am I writing about him now?  Two reasons, I logged in the other day and someone apparently made a non using me as an invite, the user name was, “yourcheeseisgone” odd name I thought, but whatever. I am not sure why people insist on trying to annoy me, when it does not really work. If there is one thing I know about “MY CHEESE” it is that he is never really gone. Lucky for me, he visits every few years and I am so grateful for that.  As of a few days ago, he managed to decorate my house in the most awesome way. I never decorate, it is something that Cheese always did for me and I prefer if he does it.

See what I mean 3 floors of old fashioned Fantage decorating. I love it!

Since I am reminiscing I might as well include all the memories Cheese and I shared!

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Hopefully, if he reads this it will inspire him to make a new video on his EPICFROMAGE channel. LOL

To whoever made that user “yourcheeseisgone” I just wanna say you were wrong that he was gone but right that he is My Cheese!