Not quite the same as Paris and still no user inspired (but it’s coming). Here are the details and prices. As in the past, there is a prom Royalty vote option to earn stars. Sophia is winning with her outfit. There is also a Limo to Castle which is decked out along with VIP room. Two more options have yet to be released (ones user inspired).

Did you notice the girl’s limited items are based of Michelle’s and Victoria’s dresses?

Below are the girl outfits with prices in Gold ONLY! This is set #1. Total for this set is 11,000 Gold.

Set #2 will set you back 13,000 Gold. The entire set will cost 24,000 gold which is roughly $10.00 for mems which makes the 3.99 per month membership cost totally worth it, if your planning to purchase gold!

I had some trouble with purchasing these items and I could not purchase double. It seems that the Exclusive Limited screen has gotten confused and invaded London. I tried to buy 2 dresses but I still only have 1 in my inventory. If you notice after your purchase a thank you screen pops up but then does not go away and you become stuck but you still want to purchase items.

Stuck on this screen!


My first solution was to log out but after the second time I decided there must be a better way and there is.  Simply press the TAB button till it makes a yellow box over the X and press enter, then you wont have to log out. Now you can continue shopping the items.

I’m finally free!

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 8.08.48 AM.png