This weeks Featured Fantagian is Sammydew2!Sammydew2 She is a prominent Fantage Youtuber who makes Fantage Music Videos (FMVs). She currently has over 680 subscribers, and almost 25000 total views on her videos. I really liked her dedication to doing FMVs and the styles she uses in them. Sammy’s other social media includes her Deviant Art and Instagram. Below is her most recent video which is a Valentine’s Day FMV.

Here’s some information from her Youtube pageSammydew2 Info

We asked her 10 Questions to find out more!

When did you join Fantage?
Somewhere in 2008

What are your favourite Fantage memories?
Sometime in 2010 when I met pinkiforever and suziecool. Many people may not remember them but they were the oneswho introduced me into video editing. They were one of my best friends on the game and we had some amazing random moments

When did you start making videos?

Why did you start making video?
All my friends where youtubers and featured me in videos. So I decided to do the same.

What do you use to make videos?
Sony Vegas Pro 12, I also use HyperCam2 to record my screen and for animation -which i cant do

What’s a little known fact about yourself?
I have a girlfriend   …..

Do you do anything other than make videos?
Play violin and read

How has Fantage changed since you joined? Is it better or worse now?
I feel like the creativity of the events are getting worse. Honestly I don’t know how good or worse this game is anymore. I remember the older events on fantage and they were always the best. Now mymall is in the way (not a fan of it to be honest) and people care about items. I used to want everything people had. But I realized I pushed myself away from friends cause of that crave. I think thats the point on where fantage is in time.

What event do you want Fantage to bring back?
2009 Christmas 🙂

Do you have any shout outs?
Maycee2011, Kayci_beautiful, B3ast_69 and Cassy12354 and everyone who has supported me for so long! I seriously couldn’t make videos or play if it wasn’t without my supporters.

Well done Sammy!
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