Hey Fantagians,

This week (1/4/18-1/10/18) on Fantage is free Premium Member week. This means that everybody on Fantage automatically becomes a member for the duration of the event. Everyone can get member levels, buy member items with stars, use member eyes, redeem the Free Premium Member Item (Located at Downtown between Le Shop and Stellar Salon), etc.

Unfortunately the Membership status DOES NOT apply to MyMall. People who were non-members will not be able to buy or sell from MyMall during this week.

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 12.04.39 pm.png


Keep in mind that most of the Premium items and levels you acquire during this week will be unavailable to use when you become a non-member again. If you’d like to continue using your items, they will become available again when you buy Premium Membership.