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I continue my rant with My Mall today.  I’ve often wondered why people spend so much time in My Mall. It was the same with T&S. Once you have bought the item what is the point really, also how many items are there that you could possibly need.  I speak from experience because I know my inventory is full of duplicates and things I will never wear. So why is everyone always in My Mall.
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What I Miss About Fantage……

Gosh, I really miss Fantage 2010/2011.  I was such a newb!  I used to walk around just trying to make friends, any friends. I played adoption center, Val tryouts (anyone remember those?)  school and various other role playing activities. Eventually, I made friends and we would hang out together downtown or at the Fashion Show place. I recall seeing other members walking by with items that I could never have and although I secretly wished I could. There was certain level of respect and awe.

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My Story: Gianna4125

1.)  How did I start this long journey with Fantage? In June of 2010, I was 9 at the time, I was introduced to the game by a friend on my swim team.  While the game was just something to do for my friend, I grew to enjoy playing.  However, it took months of begging for ecoins and membership before I actually became a member. I missed so many limited items because my parents wouldn’t let me spend money on an online game.  Then they finally realized this was a thing, and since I rarely had time to be with friends due my swimming schedule, they gave in. (insert evil laugh)

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