Hey Fantagians,

There are new items coming, they look great! Some are Le Shop items, and some will probably be limiteds (Combat and Wedding).


There’s a really cool combat outfit going on here! Also, there’s a wedding tuxedo, I can’t wait.

New Hair AprilNew Shirts AprilNew Shorts AprilNew Outfits AprilNew Shoes AprilNew Body Acc April


There’s a strong theme of wedding going on here, I wonder if this is at all linked to the prom.

New Hair Girls AprilNew Tops Girls AprilNew Bottoms Girls AprilNew Outfit Girls AprilNew Shoes Girls AprilNew Head Acc Girls AprilNew Earrings Girls AprilNew Body Acc Girls April

New Boards April.png


Bonus: Combat outfit in action                      Bonus: Marry Me?
Soldier Close Up.png                                         blushing bride