Just last week I bought a membership at  7.95. Now the prices have changed based on gold with the product. We can no longer buy 6 month or 12 month memberships. Take a look below!


So basically for 3.99 per month you get all the member benefits plus 1000 gold per month.  If you pay 9.99 you get member benefits plus 15,000 gold per month. For 49.99 you get 120,000 gold per month. These prices are based off the gold as you can see. I do wish they kept the 6 month and 1 yr membership without gold included as I am not fond of recurring because I forget to pay or get Karma Cards 😦

I’m not sure how one month of membership only gets 1000 when the monthly gift from membership is 5000.

At least being a member for 1 month is cheaper. And you get more gold with $50 3 month membership than you do with just buying gold!