As requested by min11s14 I’ll show everybody how I make gifs. Gifs are a set of pictures that are saved as a files, and flick through in a loop.

There are many ways to make gifs, but a lot of them require downloading software to do it. But honestly I couldn’t be bothered with that, so I’m going to use a website.

Step 1. Decide whether you’re going to use a video or pictures for your gif

Step 2. Video: Record a video of what you want your gif to be. Make sure it’s short, otherwise it will take a long time to upload your gif.
Pictures: Take screenshots or collect photos of that you want to be in the gif.

Step 3. Video: Go to Click “Choose File” and select the short video you recorded. Now click  the blue button “Upload”. You may have to wait a while now.
Picture: Go to Click “Choose Files” and choose your photos for the gif. Now click the blue button “Upload”. Depending on how many pictures you’re using you have to wait a minute for them to upload. Tip: To select multiple photos hold Ctrl(Cmd on Mac) and click the photo you want to add.

Step 4. Video: Choose from what time in the video you want your gif to start and end. You can watch your video to see the time at which you might want it to start and end. Don’t worry about the other settings, click the blue “Convert to Gif” button.
Picture: Drag and drop the photos into the order you want them to show in the gif. Click the blue “Animate It” button. If the pictures are flicking too fast or slow, change the number in the “delay time” box.

Step 5. Save your gif or click one of the options below the gif to modify it in other ways.

Done!!! Did I forget anything? I know this can be complicated, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try to help you.