When Fantage first began the comet in April 2008 it was a monthly paper, rather than weekly as it is now. Similarly to the Fantage Blog, the Comet was presented as written by “Himani” to begin with, but changed to “M” at a similar time to the blog.

Each issue of the Comet had cool things that many people have forgotten about. In the Comet you can get Official Fantage themed Wallpaper, Note taking sheets, Cards, Colouring Sheets etc. I think the artistic community of Fantage will really love this stuff.

After a bit of digging around, I found 9 Archived issues of the Monthly Comet from 2008.Comet Header

April 2008 Lily NPC Profile
May 2008 Officer Russel NPC Profile
June 2008 Orion NPC Profile
July 2008 Stella NPC Profile
August 2008 This issue features Fantages version of famous characters, as well as templates for art! Sameer and Canada featured users!
November 2008 Features particularly good contest corner (Art templates and great comic)
December 2008
January 2009
February 2009

Click the headings in the sidebar of each issue for the other pages.

I really liked the effort Fantage used to put in. Every week would be a new high quality comic, featured user was in depth, content was created for fans to print, and use in real life. They made additional art not added to the game just because it looked good, and was interesting. That’s what I miss about Fantage. Their community interaction was impeccable. Now they don’t even give access to their blog.

-Agnt007 The Joker

Chuck Norris