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Looks like Fantage will be busy this week. Thursday, Fantage will be down for a few hours. Then they will return with new items at Le Shop, Stellar and Loco Board shop. I’m really liking the blonde bun and outfit.


Ninja Cats? New Event News!

New event starting tomorrow! Woohoo! I have no clue what this event will be about except cats and cucumbers which btw I believe cats are not fond of cucumbers.



Let’s watch some comical cats below:

My Mall Changes Please Read

This is great news! No more scamming! So now you can only sell in My Mall if you are a Premium Member. What does that mean?

It means NO MORE SCAMMING and NO more MINING, HACKING or transferring items, unless of course you want to pay for a membership.  I’m pretty sure all of you know 1 if not 2 or more people who got scammed or hacked. It’s not fun or nice. So I guess we can thank all the scammers that used nonmembers as alternates.



St. Patrick’s Day Event & Medal Info

Hey Fantagians,

The St. Patricks’s Day event has begun. The event consists of 3 different features which includes a Limited cart of Fashion items, a search for the Leprechaun game for levels and a Limited plant for your farm.


The medal is maxed at 10 for members and 5 for non-members.  To level this medal you must collect Shamrocks. Wearing Limited Items earns 5 extra Shamrocks each time and being a member adds 10 extra Shamrocks.The amount of Shamrocks needed to level increases with each level. There are 3 ways to collect Shamrocks.
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Level with Gia! Day 1

Since it’s Monday, I decided to start off a week with tasks. You can follow along or not.

This should only take about 30 minutes of your time. I suggest Following along on a low server. I personally would add one pet game and Fashion show but only if your serious about leveling. Both of those take enormous amounts of time and commitment.

1.) Log in and go straight to pet school to check in!

2.) Complete mini quest

3.) Go to the arcade and Play: Fruit Stack, Snack Tac Toe, Memory Mix Up, and Jigsaw Jigsaw. remember to score in top 3.

If you have completed these task you will have scored 8 levels today. See you tomorrow!



Leveling with Gia!

I’m slowly developing a step by step guide to leveling.  Everyone can level with a little discipline.  I’m going to share my tips and tricks to get stuff done.  So in this post we are gonna discuss the Attendance Medal and Miniquest Medal.  To finish these medals you have to follow through with my instructions everyday.

1.) When you first log in, your first order of business will be to go to pet school and check in.  To max this medal you must log for 100 days consecutively if you miss a day you start back at one and trust there is nothing worst than logging in 99 days straight and forgetting the last day. Then you have to start from 1 again 😦  I have maxed this medal for 2 people besides myself and have learned that I cannot trust the other person to log themselves in.

2.) After you check in at the pet school do your miniquest questions. If you have a little time you can also play 1 pet game or 1 fashion show or fashion battle. Only after these are done can you socialize.

Have fun!


The Strawberry house is back with furniture!


The Strawberry house is back. If you missed it the first time around, the cost is 5000 Gold. Limited furniture to fill your home with is now available. See below for prices:



New rares are here and very cute!

Included in this set is an outfit, hair, shoes, board, and a hat. I used 3 of each color gem except blue. Here’s how the complete outfit looks:


The boys set is similar as you can see in the comparison below.  TBH I kind of like the boys set.


Can’s wait to see how Trixie2000 and Mmajid style these!

Gianna4125 Non-Member

OMG IT HAS FINALLY HAPPENED. Gianna4125 on Friday February 26th at 12am was a non-member. I hear this is the first time in 5 years she’s become a non. Here’s her idFone. Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 4.33.10 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 4.37.12 PM
Look there are items she can’t wear!!!



-Agnt007 :3

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