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New Rares October 2017

Hey Fantagians,

Fantage released 4 new rare items this week.


October 2017 Rares.png

Hair – Mythical (Black Diamonds)

Outfit – Legendary  (Diamonds)

Shoes – Rare (Sapphires)

Board – Mythical (Black Diamonds)

I think the hairs look a bit weird, but the bright colors are fun. What do you think?

New Rare Items for Boys!

Hi Fantagians, Mmajid here!

Today I am going to show you guys how I styled up the new rare items. I decided to  change things up by changing the white background theme into a strawberry background theme! Just to match it with the new rare items! And here they are!

  Let me know in the comments below on your favorite style!

New Rare Items + Mobile Game

Fantage just released a set of new rare items, as well as debuting their new mobile game. They’ve released several new apps in the past few months so be sure to check them out!

new rares 1-28-16 Continue reading “New Rare Items + Mobile Game”

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