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New Limited Edition Wings!

Hi Fantagians,Mmajid here!

Here are some styling Ideas that match the wings! My favorite style is the 2nd one! what about yours? Leave us a comment on your favorite style!

My Mall Changes Please Read

This is great news! No more scamming! So now you can only sell in My Mall if you are a Premium Member. What does that mean?

It means NO MORE SCAMMING and NO more MINING, HACKING or transferring items, unless of course you want to pay for a membership.  I’m pretty sure all of you know 1 if not 2 or more people who got scammed or hacked. It’s not fun or nice. So I guess we can thank all the scammers that used nonmembers as alternates.



The Strawberry house is back with furniture!


The Strawberry house is back. If you missed it the first time around, the cost is 5000 Gold. Limited furniture to fill your home with is now available. See below for prices:



New Rares & New Furniture

Looks like new rare items will be coming out on 3/3. Cannot wait to see what Mmajid and Trixie2000 style these with.

Looking cute!!

New limited furniture is being released also at Ottomans. Time to furnish the Strawberry house.

Sweet enough to eat!


Boy Band Limited Items

Here are the boy band limited items! The total cost for all items is 48,000 gold. WOAH!!!  The last 2 tops can be bought with stars also.



Double Gold!

From the 15th -21st of February Fantage is selling double gold! If you’d like to know how much gold is really worth, check out this post we’ve made.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 2.52.48 PM

The deal is in celebration of the beginning of Spring, however you young bright sparks out there may realise Spring doesn’t begin for 2 weeks. Apparently Fantage doesn’t. Oh well, it’s a great excuse for a sale, and seasons isn’t everybody’s strong suit anyway.

Gianna4125’s Inventory

Welcome, into a rare peek of my inventory.  This video is really long so I put the times for each item section in therefore you can skip to whatever section you want or stop it and continue later. I hope you enjoy watching it and apologies for the length. 🙂

I suggest to watch in parts or might be a snooze fest!

Reporting other Fantagians

A sad reality these days on Fantage is that people do the wrong thing. They cheat, scam, hack, swear, hold utterly inappropriate parties. But we’d like to change that, and if everyone pitches in, things will hopefully begin to improve. Read on for the Guide. Continue reading “Reporting other Fantagians”

New MyMall Rules: Explained

So as many of you Fantagians know, Fantage has introduced a new stricter rule set into MyMall. The rules will pop up everytime you enter MyMall, which I can imagine is getting pretty tiring for regular visitors.

New MyMall Rules

So I’ll break down each rule for everyone now, and try to explain why it’s there. Continue reading “New MyMall Rules: Explained”

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