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Hey Fantagians,


Fantage has released a new and exciting event called “Dabtastic”. You can now buy a costume which you can “dab” with it  by waving!


The costume is 8000 Gold for boys and girls.


To get the medal and free item for this even you must buy the costume, log in everyday and go to the palm once a day to receive a stamp.

When you get all the stamps between from the 11th, you should receive the medal and the prize on January 18!



Friendsgiving Items Styled (Girls)

thanksgiving-2016-outfit-1thanksgiving-2016-outfit-6 thanksgiving-2016-outfit-2thanksgiving-2016-outfit-5thanksgiving-2016-outfit-3 thanksgiving-2016-outfit-4

I really like the bottoms from both item sets.

Fantage Thanksgiving Event 2016

Hey everyone,

So Fantage released the Thanksgiving event. It’s called “Friendsgiving”. Here is a preview of the items for this event (by the way sorry about my eyes, I just became a non member today).


Here’s the limited cart with prices of each item:


You can also send the limited items to your friends! When you click on the limited items cart you can select the name of the person you would like to send the items to and they’ll receive it.

I can’t wait for Part 2 of the event, my prediction is that they will make limited crops that we can plant in the farm and level up.


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