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Fantage Throwbacks: Holiday Pets

Holiday Pets were released in 2012 across the year, appearing for different events. At each event you could get a special holiday pet. Holiday pets still occur for purchase at special events throughout every year. For Spring there was Springy, Easter there was Cotton, Summer there was Rosie, Thanksgiving there was Tom Tom, and Christmas there was Blizzy. You can buy these pets in an egg or with a magic code. These pets are great for pet games too, they fly really well in Wild Slinger. If you collected all the pets you got a variety of rewards including two trophies for your home and a medal. Continue reading “Fantage Throwbacks: Holiday Pets”

Fantage Thanksgiving Event 2016

Hey everyone,

So Fantage released the Thanksgiving event. It’s called “Friendsgiving”. Here is a preview of the items for this event (by the way sorry about my eyes, I just became a non member today).


Here’s the limited cart with prices of each item:


You can also send the limited items to your friends! When you click on the limited items cart you can select the name of the person you would like to send the items to and they’ll receive it.

I can’t wait for Part 2 of the event, my prediction is that they will make limited crops that we can plant in the farm and level up.


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