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New Limited Exclusives to be released!

I’m super excited, except this is finals week so my mind is all over the place. Let’s take a look at these Limiteds. The theme seems to be about money, lots and lots of money. The irony is  we will all be broke, if we aren’t already. Either way, I like the items.

Limited ExclusivesthroneGold Millionaire SuitFierce Blonde Hairstyle

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Royal Chance Event

So the event has been released and I’ve never been more confused. I’ll explain that as we go. The limited cart is selling a hair, dress and board.  The total cost for the items will be 13,000 GOLD. I like the dress and board idk about the hair. My favorite part about this event is of course the medal,  5 levels for nons and 10 for members. All you gotta do is play the card game and complete the mission. Everyone has a different mission. Sadly, the card game doesn’t follow as a card game would. I would expect King to take Queen and Queen to take Joker but as you see below it doesn’t work that way or I am just dyslexic.

My mission completed!
Instructions makes sense kind of but plays opposite of this pic!
King takes Joker?
Joker takes Queen? so that means Queen takes King? So confused!!



Styling the new shop items (girls)

sorry for not posting these earlier, I’ve been super busy the last week!

store items 4-16 6 store items 4-16 7   store items 4-16 5 store items 4-16 4  store items 4-16 2 store items 4-16 1store items 4-16 8store items 4-16 3

+ outfit with the pm gift for april

store items 4-16 9

Vintage Rose hair outfit ideas

day 2 of exclusive limited items brought us a vintage hair that matched the wings that were released yesterday.

vintage rose hair outfit 5 vintage rose hair outfit 4 vintage rose hair outfit 3 vintage rose hair outfit 2 vintage rose hair outfit 1

I’ll bet the dress(Screenshot_73) comes out later today.

St. Patrick’s Day Outfits (Girl’s)

The St. Patrick’s day event came out today, and the items are great.



girls st patricks.png

All of Fantage is covered in grass, much like it was last year.

I styled some of the new items, along with St. Patrick’s Day items from previous years.

st patricks day 2016 outfit 1st patricks day 2016 outfit 6  st patricks day 2016 outfit 4 st patricks day 2016 outfit 3st patricks day 2016 outfit 7st patricks day 2016 outfit 5 st patricks day 2016 outfit 2 st patricks day 2016 outfit 8 (Wear these gloves for the best jazz hands)

My favorite new item is the first hair, what about you?

By the way, if you’re looking for some good St. Patrick’s Day music (I kinda doubt you are but) the song bury me in Ireland by the Dollyrots is pretty good.

New March PM Gift Styled (Girls)

mmajid’s post reminded me about the monthly pm gift

Screenshot 2016-03-05 at 4.18.42 PM

pretty nice, I like the shape of the hair

since it already has the headband, I don’t think it goes well with any hair accessories.

I think it goes best with purple, yellow, and black, but it can match a lot of items

march 2016 pm gift outfit 6  march 2016 pm gift outfit 4march 2016 pm gift outfit 5 march 2016 pm gift outfit 3 march 2016 pm gift outfit 2 march 2016 pm gift outfit 1

New Rare Outfits for Girls

The new rares came out today, and I love how they look!

This is how I styled them:

new rares 3-16 outfit 4new rares 3-16 outfit 7  new rares 3-16 outfit 3  new rares 3-16 outfit 6new rares 3-16 outfit 1new rares 3-16 outfit 5new rares 3-16 outfit 2

My favorite item is the board, what about you?

New Releases!

Let’s check out the new Le Shop items:

Stellar salon items:

Board shop items:

new boards
I see a food theme going on!

Comment below, your thoughts on this new collection.

Loving what Colin's done here!
Loving what Colin’s done here!

New Shop Items

Fantage is releasing new items in Le Shop, Stella Salon, and Loco Boardz. I’ve noticed the items have a seemingly St. Patrick’s Day(Coming 17th March) and Candy theme. Nevertheless I’m excited for them.

Stella Salon 2/17 New Le Shop 2/17Loco Boardz 2/17

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