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Looking for items!

So I was so consumed with finishing my online summer school and trying to get my APUSH notes done I forgot to log in for 2 days. I’d also like to mention I was always on the blue team which always lost. First medal I have missed since 2010 so sad.  I am now trying to get the items I missed so if anyone has these items and would like to sell me them I’d really appreciate it.

1.) Aussie set

2.) Brazilian Hair

3.) the medal from the game I didn’t get 😩

Sophia is back!

It’s that time again, exclusive limited items have returned. Looks like they are doing an Olympic theme as Sophia is selling Aussie items but I also see some Brazilian items in the collections. Not sure if those will be exclusive or not. Check out the pics below 🙂

August 1st Bingo Grid

I am back from vacation. OMGERD! I truly dislike Book It, *screams……* Carrots take 4 hours so I suggest planting 2 first before midnight and speeding them up before and after midnight.

august grid




Here is the new Bingo grid, for whatever reason it wasn’t working yesterday. Remember to plant soybeans before starting bingo, wait till they are grown to start then plant 2 more cause there is only 18 plots. The rest seems pretty simple. I hope Tanagrams is covered for me because it makes me sleepy.


Super excited, the costumes look cool. Hopefully double gold even though I just bought some for the EXCLUSIVE LIMITEDS and would you believe I missed the most important item.( AMERICAN BATHING SUIT) if anyone has one to sell HMU!


Vegetable Event!

Can you beat the Vegetable Master? I can’t for sure! So the next best thing is to ask for help. This event is 20 levels for members and 10 for nons.


Let’s help each other. I will print screen as many questions as I can. Here is one, cause I cannot get past one question every 15 mins LOL. The answer is obviously Carrot!  I you know the answer to any questions please comment the question and answer below.




Bingo Bonanza!

Ready to play bingo? ENTER below for a chance to win 10,000 gold.  All you gotta do is play and make TOP 100 so I can see the time. You are not competing against other players just ppl who enter my contest. I will be checking times tomorrow AM. I will put out the list of winners at the end. 1 winner peer week.


Class of 2016 event!

This has got to be the easiest way to earn levels ever, which is cool because I heard the pizza one was hard. Basically you have to remember to log in everyday for the next week and visit The Palm and the Cruise Ship. Non members can get up to 5 levels, members get 10 levels. There is no excuse not to max this medal. Set a reminder.

event parties.png

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