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Survivor Fantage S2 Day 2

The Survivor Fantage Day 2 challenge was Mad Maths.


Andy won immunity from voting with the score of 5106.


Votes were cast and unfortunately Gianna was eliminated with votes votes for her.

Badass Leaving Speech Gia

Visit @survivor.fantage on Instagram for the live game as it happens.

Survivor Fantage

A competition run by zookazoodude and emu567. Follow @survivor.fantage on Instagram to follow along live.

Survivor Fantage is a game in which 10 contestants battle for the highest score in a game on Fantage to win immunity. Then everybody votes for one contestant to be eliminated from the game. This is repeated until only 2 contestants are left. Then eliminated contestants vote for the winner of the season.

Season 1 was won by Agnt007 (myself), and now Fantagian will be posting daily recaps of the game.

Happy Holidays 2016 Part 2

Hey Fantagians,

The Happy Holidays 2016 event part 2 is here. There’s a new Limiteds Cart, the Polar Express, and Santa’s coming.

Here are the new limiteds and their prices. They look pretty good, but I’m sure the fashion writers will talk more on that.
Xmas 2016 Lims Girls.pngXmas 2016 Lims Boys.png

Downtown is now the Polar Express train stop. It comes every 3 minutes.

Xmas 2016 Downtown 2.png
Polar Express at Downtown
Polar Express Interior

Decorate your own tree is also back. Once you’ve made your tree you can print it out.

Xmas Tree Fantagian.png
Made this at 1am so it’s a little rough, but it’s meant to say “Fantagian”

Finally, Santa is coming to Fantage, and bringing everybody a gift (A Reindeer Beanie) on Christmas day if you visit him.

santa-is-comingSanta is Here.pngreindeer-beanie

Have a Happy Holidays everybody!

~Agnt007 #IsAnybodyFinnishHere?

p.s. Thanks for 50000 hits.

New Bingo Grid for 3/1/16

The new bingo grid is finally up. Leap year must of confused the bingo elves.


This was an easy Bingo for a change.

I simply planted the corn and played a few games then came back harvested the corn and planted the wheat. Parties were popping up all over by then so I just went to all of them. Lucky for me people were giving out stickers. 🙂  Dance Fever was a drag but it was only 10 times. Q-blast went by quickly as I just killed my non repeatedly. The ONLY game I had issues with was Candy Swap.  If not for that game I would have been done in 30 minutes. 😦

Good Luck!


Game Guide: King Me

This was the hardest game for me to get a high score for the Game Medal (Top 3) in. But, I worked out the strategy to it, and now, with a little skill to begin with, getting a high score is relatively easy. Originally I had thought your score would be higher if you won faster, or with more pieces, but no. The way to high score is…get as many of your pieces to the other end of the board as possible. If you want to get a high score for positions 1,2, or 3 go to a server with not many people on it. It’s important to know that if someone moves into your path, it will force you to take that piece (If there’s a space behind it). Here’s the video of me playing it, I believe if you copy my exact moves, you will get the same score (Not that it’s that great).

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