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New Year’s Giveaway!


Hello Fantagian readers! To celebrate the new year, I’ll be giving away $25 Karma Koin codes to two lucky participants! They can be used to make purchases on Fantage. Continue reading “New Year’s Giveaway!”

User Inspired! Finkelstein is at it again!

It’s that time again, a User Inspired contest, running from now till 8/11.  The theme is ROBOTS, possibly for some evil army Finkelstein plans to build.  Time to get out your drawing tablets for a chance to create an item of your own on Fantage. The template can be found in the Comet under Fan art submission or you can download one by clicking HERE.


It’s Summer Camp Time!

Hey Fantagians,

Gia here, I haven’t posted in a awhile because I’ve been busy.  I just wanted everyone to know that I am always here reading posts and comments.  I logged in today and saw a new event and decided I should post something. Plus, I have a surprise for all the Fantagians that follow my blog.

Let’s start with some event info:  The event runs from 7/6 to 7/19 the entrance is off to the right near creature arena. Thanks to the wonderful Fantagian that posed with me for the Pic.  There is a medal for this event which requires you to log in each day and complete a task.

****If you are anything like me, you will forget to log in one day and mess things up.  for this event I will be setting a reminder on my phone daily.

Continue reading “It’s Summer Camp Time!”

50,000 views Giveaway & Agnt’s Fantage BDay 

The blog just hit 50000 views, thank you so much everyone! Also, it’s Agnt007’s 8 year on Fantage.

So in celebration I have 2 $10.00 Karma cards to give away. Winner announced 9pm Fantage time. Comment ENTER once to be entered. Woohoooo time to celebrate!

Bingo Bonanza!

Ready to play bingo? ENTER below for a chance to win 10,000 gold.  All you gotta do is play and make TOP 100 so I can see the time. You are not competing against other players just ppl who enter my contest. I will be checking times tomorrow AM. I will put out the list of winners at the end. 1 winner peer week.


Bingo Bonanza!

No clue what was up with Bingo this weeks but it actually opens now. If you wanna play comment below. I will be checking your times at about 10am tomorrow. Winner gets 10,000 Gold. Good Luck!  Hint: Plant your corn before you even open bingo and do not open bingo till corn is ready!


OVER!!!!!!!! No Winner this week!

I will be checking completion times by 8AM tomorrow. Those of you who plan on playing today please comment your user name below. Winnings must be collected on the account that received the time.

********No past or present affiliates of may enter any raffles, contests or giveaways.

Bingo Bonanza! Starts 5/30/16

School is out! For the next 5 weeks I’ll be holding a contest, involving my Favorite game. Every Monday a new Bingo Board is posted. Whoever joins my game gets a chance to win 10,000 Gold every week. Rules are below.

1.) Your must enter by commenting your user name below today and commit to playing the entire 5 weeks. Game must be played the day bingo is released. I will check scores at 7am Tuesday mornings.

2.) You time must appear on the Bingo board with the username you commented with, you cannot use alternate accounts.

3.) Winners will be decided by time of completion.

4.) You are competing against each other not the rest of Fantage.

5.) No Fantagian .com Authors can join.


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