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The 2016 Fantage Holiday Fashion Collection

Hey guys, it’s Lotide again, and today I’m bringing you some festivities by showcasing some outfits I put together for the most wonderful time of the year. The outfits below represent all kind of wintertime holidays you may happen to celebrate. Lets get started:



Featuring items from: EVENT/DECEMBER 2016 


Outfit Descriptions (Left to Right)

Lady In Red

Suave Soirée

Santa’s Baby


As a bonus, here are some extra outfits that I put together that kind of relate to the holiday season and wintertime:


Outfit Descriptions (Left to Right)

The Holiday Fashion Guru


All Bundled Up

My personal favorites are Holidazed and All Bundled Up. What’s yours? Comment down below and don’t forget to like!

I will be posting again prior to New Years, so look forward to a new post from me then! This season, try to spend more time with family, sit down have a conversation (maybe some hot chocolate too), take a stroll and look at the neat lights, and give a little instead of get. Happy Holidays, everyone.

Best wishes from my family to yours,


New(ish) Fashion Editor

Hi guys! You may remember me from the beginning of, where I previously worked as a co-editor about fashion with Trixie. Agnt007 and Gianna and the rest of the team here at Fantagian have invited me back to work as a fashion writer once more. I’m so glad to be back and I’ll be posting more this week.  I plan on posting every event and creating new original outfits inspired by the event for you all to enjoy. Here are some examples of what my fashion style is:


As you can see, my style involves a lot of color schemes and a combination of both “popular” (because, let’s face it: we ALL wear them) and items that you would find sitting in the back of your inventory. I like to use plain boards because what’s important to me is the quality of the outfit itself, not the board. Comment your favorite below!

Names from Left to Right:

Vintage Sunshine


European Elegance



Baseball Gal

The Color Spectrum




Some updates about myself: In the past few months I have transferred accounts and so now I am on a backup account – Lotide. A lot has happened, but I’m glad to be back. Stay tuned!

Happy Holidays from,


Fashion through the Ages

Okay, so I’ll be putting together a memory fashion post about Fantage’s fashion choices throughout the years. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?


The good old days. The golden ages.  When everything was simple: the clothes, the shops, and the graphics. The people were sweet, kind, and friendly. There was no scamming, no people screaming “BAE TRYOUTS” in your ear, and where you could find the old celebrities of Fantage roaming about: Pinkstardust, MooMoo, Red_Ninja, and many more. *Sigh* I miss old Fantage so, so much. Here was what fashion was like back then:

First fashion was simple, for there wasn’t many items to choose from. You basically had the hair, outfit, board, and a simple accessory if you were feeling “snazzy”.

After that, Fantage began expanding it’s fashion choices, and therefore, the selection and pairing of items became more unique and different. Fantagians began to explore fashion.

After December of 2010, the items released exploded and expanded, leading us to the new era of Fantage fashion – 2011 to the Present. Here are the fashion choices and statements Fantagians have decided to follow.

Found this photo and it seems very accurate [ credits to Xuanda0 ]

As a plus, who remembers dressing like this during 2011-2013? 

Comment below if you do!!




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