1st – New Years Party at Mt. Fantage (2009 Glasses, Visors etc.) (Extra Link)
17th – Boxy Released
24th – Top Models Sneak Peek
25th – New Items Announced (Extra Link)


7th – Top Models Opens
13th – Valentines Day Event


16th – St Patrick’s Day Event


9th – Easter Event with Egg Hunt + Medal
26th – Second Mission “The Bear Cub” Released


19th – New Servers Jade Duck and Teal Dolphin
22nd – Sticker Party – Static Bolt Introduced


5th – Sticker Medals Released
27th – School’s Out Party


3rd – Fourth of July Party
4th – 4th July Party Items Released
11th – Inventory Design Updated (Separate Tabs Introduced)
18th – New Items (Furniture/Stickers) Released
19th – Mission Center Released
19th – First Ancient Artifact Mission Released
21st – Extra Servers Released
23rd – Orion Returns Event (Wizard Wand, Cape and Hat Items) (Extra Link) (Extra Link)(Video Link)
30th – Wizard Gift


7th – New Furniture and Stickers Released (Extra Link)
7th – Top Model All Star Event + Contest Results
7th – New Invite-A-Friend Medal
15th – A Strange Visitor Mission Released (Extra Link) (Video Link)
20th – Go Cart Rare Sticker
24th – Dance Party Released (Extra Link) (Extra Link)


5th – Whack a Veggie Game Released with Rare Sticker (Extra Link)
11th – Back to School Party
18th – Top Models VIP Room Opens
19th – Multitheme Fashion Shows Released
23rd – Gold Rush Event (Extra Link)
25th – 5th Mission “The Mad Scientist” Released

26th – Halloween 2009 Party and Items Released (Extra Link)


6th – Boxy Challenge
16th – Bricks Breaking Game Updated (Extra Link)
20th – New Costumes and Furniture Released
20th – Comet & Co. Released (Extra Link)
20th – New Weekly Comet Magazine Released
21st – Comet & Co. Test (Extra Link)
26th – Thanksgiving Party Released


1st – New Reporter Medals Released
4th – Photo Albums Released
5th – Reporter Assignments
11th – New December Items Released
12th – December Items Discounted
18th – Double Star Coupons Released
22nd – 2009 Holiday Party Released (Prizes)
25th – Christmas Party (Extra Link) (Extra Link) (Extra Link) (Extra Link)
31st – New Years Eve Party Begins