This is something I’ve had up on my Instagram for a while now, and I’ve been reluctant to post it here. I put it up hoping it would make even a little bit of a difference, and the reaction I got was really positive, which is something I hadn’t expected. Previously I’ve made many drafts to post about the corruption of the Fantage community, all months apart, and not one of them saw the light because I didn’t feel like causing a commotion. So uh.. Give this a listen and let me know your thoughts!

Kinda odd isn’t it, hearing someone speak about Fantage, a kids site, in a serious manner. I thought so myself, but felt it’d be a good way to convey my message so people would listen rather than scrolling through and deciding it’s too long to read. Weeks after posting it I find it a bit difficult for me to listen to, but it actually helped to change some perspectives which I’m really grateful for, so I’m keeping it up and passing it along.