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June 2017

Butterfly Catch


Fantage is back again with another event!

How this one works: You play games at the grotto to catch “Butterflies”, these “Butterflies” level up your event medal. butterfly3

If you want to just skip the gaming part, each butterfly costs 2,000 gold.

I’m pretty positive that the non-member level max is 10, and that PM medals are 20.


The limited items are so cute! (Personally I think they are the best part of this event)

Girl costs (in gold):  Hair- 4,000

Wings- 6,000

Dress-  7,000

Clip- 3,000

Board- 4,000


The prices for guys are mostly the same but I’ve listed the ones that differ:

“Dress” ( they meant suit): 6,000

Glasses: 1,500


A Quick Poll



Fantage Flamingo Styled


I’m here today to show you how I have styled the “Katr135’s Flamingo”


Look #1:


For this look I’ve tried to match the colors on the flamingo to the colors on my avatar, to give that twinning feel

Look #2:


This look is a slightly less obvious twinning style, with a bit of flare.


Look #3:


For this look I went for a I’m so rich that I can afford a pet flamingo” vibe. All you need to do to obtain this is just to make sure all your clothing is fluffy and frilly.


Look #1:


This look is like a super rich media “influencer” who got a flamingo to get views. All that is needed is ripped jeans and swishy hair.

Look #2:


This one is like, a surfer? I think yeah.


Graduation Event

Schools out! (for most people I assume) and Fantage has gifted us with a new graduation event!


How the event works is, everyday when you log in if you go to both the Palm and the Cruise you get stamps. If you get all the stamps from every day that the event lasts, you get a medal and a gift! (Medal and gift shown below)


grad5   Personally I think these are both super cute!

The two party rooms are pretty decked out as well:


When you arrive in the “Dance Party” room your avatar is shown wearing a 2017 graduation gown!

Lastly,  the items: grad3

Both swimsuits are very well done, I’m impressed! I wish I had enough gold for the red one…

I want to hear from you guys, what are your thoughts on the event? Did you like it, or was there something that you think should be improved? Comment your thoughts down below!

~Friendly neighbor kat ™

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