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March 2016

Server Changes

Hey Fantagians,

As many of you have astutely noticed, some of the server names have changed. However I’d like to point out a couple of things. Firstly the total number of servers hasn’t actually changed. Secondly, the only server names that are really new (as far as I know) are Diamond Dove, and Banana Barracuda. The rest have the same names as when the server list used to be huge.

Servers 7
2014- Early 2016
Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 1.38.46 PM
New Server List



Ninja Cats? New Event News!

New event starting tomorrow! Woohoo! I have no clue what this event will be about except cats and cucumbers which btw I believe cats are not fond of cucumbers.



Let’s watch some comical cats below:

Bingo Grid week of 3/28/16

Hey guys it’s Gia with the BINGO grid.


As you know you should always harvest first then plant so make sure you plant those wheat before you start bingo.

From experience, or at least mine, 40,000 in Pearly Pop is difficult so I’ll be using the ask a friend feature for help with this one. LOL

For Treasure Hunters I suggest doing the easiest puzzle which is the “!” mark.

The rest should be cake.

Have fun!


Fashion through the Ages

Okay, so I’ll be putting together a memory fashion post about Fantage’s fashion choices throughout the years. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?


The good old days. The golden ages.  When everything was simple: the clothes, the shops, and the graphics. The people were sweet, kind, and friendly. There was no scamming, no people screaming “BAE TRYOUTS” in your ear, and where you could find the old celebrities of Fantage roaming about: Pinkstardust, MooMoo, Red_Ninja, and many more. *Sigh* I miss old Fantage so, so much. Here was what fashion was like back then:

First fashion was simple, for there wasn’t many items to choose from. You basically had the hair, outfit, board, and a simple accessory if you were feeling “snazzy”.

After that, Fantage began expanding it’s fashion choices, and therefore, the selection and pairing of items became more unique and different. Fantagians began to explore fashion.

After December of 2010, the items released exploded and expanded, leading us to the new era of Fantage fashion – 2011 to the Present. Here are the fashion choices and statements Fantagians have decided to follow.

Found this photo and it seems very accurate [ credits to Xuanda0 ]

As a plus, who remembers dressing like this during 2011-2013? 

Comment below if you do!!




Easter Event!


Easter event has started. Woohoo! If you had any gold left, say goodbye to it 😦

I’ll let the fashion people do the fashion portion and prices.

There is also a medal you can get for finding eggs. I suggest using the fast horses for this as the eggs are in all the towns and shops. We are put on teams as in other events. It cost 1,000 gold to buy eggs to put in baskets if your lazy. The max for levels for nons is 10 and for members it’s 20 levels.

easter 2

Boys Spring Outfits!

Hi Fantagians, Mmajid here 

since its the beginning of spring I have styled some outfits that you guys could wear in this season! So here they are hope you like them!

If you liked an outfit from those feel free to share your opinion in the comments!

Fox ears second page hurry girls not sold out yet

New Limited Edition Wings!

Hi Fantagians,Mmajid here!

Here are some styling Ideas that match the wings! My favorite style is the 2nd one! what about yours? Leave us a comment on your favorite style!

Fantage Outfit Of The Week #2

Hey Fantagians, Mmajid here!

Here is my outfit for Week 2! I will be posting Outfit of the week every week, so be sure you check them out once I post them.

Ootd Day 2

Let me know your thoughts on this weeks outfit in the comments!

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