1.)  How did I start this long journey with Fantage? In June of 2010, I was 9 at the time, I was introduced to the game by a friend on my swim team.  While the game was just something to do for my friend, I grew to enjoy playing.  However, it took months of begging for ecoins and membership before I actually became a member. I missed so many limited items because my parents wouldn’t let me spend money on an online game.  Then they finally realized this was a thing, and since I rarely had time to be with friends due my swimming schedule, they gave in. (insert evil laugh)

2.)  How did I level so fast?  No offense, but this has to be the most annoying question I ever get. I do not consider taking 5 years to level as fast. I didn’t level fast at all. I was still at lvl 1000 in 2013 I think. I was too busy role playing and chatting with friends and definitely too lazy to commit myself to doing anything constructive on Fantage.  Then I got my cousin to join (wubbzy326), those were definitely the best of times.  Things happened in a whirlwind on Fantage and everything changed. That’s when I began to level.  This is when i started to make TRUE friends, and I will never forget their kindness and loyalty. Cheesepizza25, Sky64, Powerstay, Wolf_Jacob0, Emboar, Tmarx, Wizardfairy254, Sophietookawaii, Crazycarly, xxSherryxx, Danny_685, Ertyuiop, Spanishlqver4evr, Narushion, Kaizelle & Agnt007.  *****Disclaimer  I do not recommend sharing passwords with anyone!!!!!!

3.) Who am I? My real name is actually Gianna, I was not that creative, therefore I just used my name and some random numbers at the end of it. I also didn’t expect to be playing this long. I’m on swim team and a tennis team. I got bullied a lot in middle school for getting good grades. I dealt with it by playing Fantage.  While the rest of the girls were out dating every boy and posting inappropriate pictures of themselves on social media, I was at home making videos for Youtube on my Kawaii collections and trading items like DIY Poppin Cookin kits, or memo pads, and blind boxes.  I made friends of all ages, all around the world. Japanese culture is an obsession of mine, which is why I have a Crunchyroll subscription to watch my Animes.

4.)  So why a blog now?  I’ve always wanted to blog about Fantage, or my Kawaii obsession but I figured there were so many out there that were so awesome like Fantageville that I would just leave that to the experts. Of late I’ve been watching Fantage go downhill and it bothers me so instead of watching this happen I decided I wanted to be part of the solution. Then I found the perfect person from 2008 (Agnt007) who felt the same way.

5.) How does it feel to be in 1st place on Fantage?  That’s the 2nd most annoying question.  It feels like nothing and everything at the same time. On one hand being top player should not define me. It should not make me famous because honestly I’m no different than any other Fantage player.  Unfortunately, all that I’ve achieved came with a price. I’ve lost a lot friends either because they left or they weren’t really friends to begin with. I really do not like to add people at all, mostly because there really isn’t a good reason to. I’m only on Fantage to visit my present friends and do events. I’m always on busy servers and can easily be found. If I make a new friend along the way then great, but adding people to just add them is not my style.  In Fantage not adding people seems to = being mean or stuck up both of which I am not.

******I think this post is way too long at the moment so I will leave it here. I hope, if you decide to read this long long story that I’ve answered all your questions. If you have anymore feel free to just ask.